Who We Are


We started Volcano Wood-Fired Pizzas in 2009 with one simple ethos in mind: don’t serve anything we wouldn’t feed our own kids.


The goal to create simple but exceptional food drew us to the traditional cuisines of Italy. Our dough is based on the classic Neapolitan technique. Four ingredients, flour, water, yeast and salt, ferment over 48-72 hours into a dough with great flavour and texture.

Just like in Naples, we create a thin crust which goes crispy on the bottom and irresistibly charred and chewy around the edges after its quick stint in our woodfired oven.

Simon Mould

Simon Mould

Our sauce recipe came to us via a good friend’s Sicilian grandmother. We start with the richest tomatoes we can find and long simmer them with onions, garlic and herbs until we get a thick sauce with great concentrated flavour.

At the heart of the company are our woodfired ovens which we build ourselves.

Their blazing temperatures transform a pizza, dough freshly stretched and topped by our pizza makers, into a dish cooked to perfection within 90 seconds. 


We remain very particular about where our ingredients come from. The vegetables, meat and cheeses for our pizzas must be delicious while meeting our high standards for sustainably-produced foods.

Environmental Impact

It makes sense to us to minimize our environmental impact as much as we can. That’s why we’ve chosen compostable trays and boxes for our food service. The introduction of our lidless pizza tray has cut-down our disposable waste by 60%.


We do all this to make great pizza, but also because every step of the process and every person involved matters, from our suppliers, to the members of our team, to you - our customers.