Artisan woodfired Pizza at farmers      

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Proper Pizza in your home

Having a Party?

Why not have wood-fired pizza cooked at your home with my mobile woodfired oven?


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It's small enough to be wheeled to the back of most houses and is the real deal.




I offer two staple pizzas the Margherita and the Pepperoni with chorizo from the Gubbeen Smokehouse together with usually one special which can be selected from the following:-


- Woodside farm cumberland sausage meat with sweet onion confit, chilli mozzarella and parmesan


- Real black pudding from the Gubbeen farmhouse with onion and leeks and pine nuts.


- Cashel blue cheese with black olives


- Smoked dry cure rashers


- Cork Hawaiian. Chopped dry cured ham, with Bellish apple relish


-Spicy Woodside Farm sausage with roasted peppers


-Anchovies with lemon zest, parsley, Chilli and Capers


-Ginger Sausage


-Mushrooms cooked in butter with fresh Thyme and garlic,topped with creme fraiche and Mozzarella, finished with lots of parmesan.




Please contact Simon for prices.  There are too many factors to take into account to give a fixed price.


email Simon at or call him on 086 793 0062