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W/c 28th May

Spicy pork with yoghurt and mint dressing.  Made with Woodside Farm Free Range Pork


w/c 21st May


Wknd Special: Red onions softened in butter with garlic and balsamic vinegar goat cheese and shiitake mushrooms from Ballyhoura.


w/c 14th May

Black Pudding leeks, Mascarpone, pine nuts Yum Yum


w/c 7th May spiced beef with shiitake mushrooms and creme fraiche. Featuring Aherns organic minced steak and Ballyhoura Mountain Shiitake. Garnished with parmesan and hopefully rocket if I can get it!


W/c 26th March. Special tomorrow: Fennel Sausage with Woodside Farm Minced Pork Fennel seeds Garlic and Onion


W/c 19th March: Annie's roast chicken  with roasted peppers and optional Rebel Chilli hot sauce.


w/c 20th Feb Special time again: Orchard cottage goat('s) cheese with caramelised onions and fresh thyme. €6.50

No more gluten free as I don't think it is in fact gluten free.


w/c 13th Feb

Special- It's Woodside Farm Ham with fresh pineapple. A Hawaiian without shite ham.


W/C 6th February:

Frank Murphy's spiced beef with horse radish and Creme Fraiche sauteed and onions and chilli oil.


w/c 30th January

Special: Annies roast chicken with Cheesie Mark's Pesto and roast peppers

w/c 23rd Jan.  Kale with onions and mature cheddar.


W/c 16th Jan.  Ballyhoura Mountain Shiitake mushrooms onions butter garlic creme fraiche and fresh thyme topped with parmesan


W/C 9th Jan.  Back to Black and Blue, black olives and Cashel blue.

Lets go.


W/C 19th December. In honour of ground hog day we are running the same special again.  This has not happened  before and part of the reason is that it sold out before I got to have one.


W/c 12th December

Festive Special!! Woodside Farm minced pork with red onion, allspice berries, fresh thyme + sweet chestnut garnished with a cranberry jus. Ho Ho Ho!

W/C 28th November


Cork Hawaiian, Woodside Farm Ham with fresh Pineapple grown in Hurleys in Midleton.


W/c 21st November

Spicy free range chicken with roasted peppers and sour creme.

w/c 14th November.

Special: The Californian. (It's Orchard Dairy (Mahon) Ardsallagh (Midleton) Goat Cheese with sun dried tomatoes)


w/c 7th November SPECIAL THIS WEEK: Ginger sausage pizza.  Woodside farm minced pork with ginger garlic and onion garnished with a drizzle of honey and fresh herbs.


w/c 24th October

Black pudding leeks and pine nuts on mascarpone with parmesan and black pepper. Tomorrow and Saturday.

w/c 20th October

Smoked deliction this week. Gubbeen smoked cheese and sausage together on mozzarella and tomato base. Usual dough and sauce.


w/c 3rd October

Special: Green Saffron Tamata no.1 with Annie's Roast Chicken, fresh coriander. A delicious spicy pizza from the exotic East. (cork)


w/c 12th September


Special: Spicy pork (woodside farm) with caramelised onions and optional blue cheese


w/c 5th September

Special: pan fried mushrooms in butter with garlic and fresh thyme. Served with creme fraiche and Parmesan.


W/cC 29th August

Special: Italian Sausage with Gorgonzola on caramelised onions. With parmesan and fresh herbs.


W/c 22nd August

Special: Deluxe Margherita.  Irish Buffalo Mozzarella with oven roasted tomatoes.


w/c 15th August Special: Annie's Roast Chicken with Rebel Green Chilli Sauce.


W/C 8th August Special: Woodside Farm Ham with Fresh Pineapple


W/C 1st August Special: Spicy Gubbeen Salami with courgettes fresh mozzarella and basil.


W/C 25th July

Onion Confit with goat's cheese from Orchard Cottage farm  (Mahon) and Ardsallagh (Midleton).


W/C  14th March Iberico Chorizo Mozzarella with Volcano Lava Liquor Jalapenos and fresh wild garlic!!!


Also Pecorino with Volcano pickled beetroot and fresh wild garlic.


New spelt frozen pizza for sale.  Pack of three ten inch low GI spelt pizzas..